Frequently Asked Question

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  • Is it Too Dirty?
    In Short - No - Our Oven-Busters technicians are fully qualified dirt busters, we are able to restore any condition oven back to a new looking appearance. With the combination of proper training coupled with our cleaning products and dip tank, no job is too dirty.
  • Are There Hidden Extra Costs?
    N0 - We are able to accurately quote over the phone the exact price required to carry out the work, we will ask you the proper questions, to give you the correct price.
  • Can I use the Oven Straight After?
    Of Course - We use eco-friendly, fume free products, meaning you can cook your roast dinner the same day if you wish.
  • How Can I Pay?
    Cash or Cheque - We do not mind!
  • How Can I Keep my Oven Clean?
    If you want to maintain your ovens cleanliness, we recommend mopping up any dirt left after cooking, ideally, while the oven is still hot as this means the dirt has not had time to harden. Failing this, call us again!

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